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Haiti: Round 5

Updated: May 30, 2018

My latest trip to Haiti with Juniper Community Missions was for one week in January, 2018. There were many things that were different and special about this trip. I was part of the first team that stayed in Juniper's very own ministry center in the mountains. I also brought my DSLR camera with me for the first time. I had always been too worried that something would happen to my camera if I brought it, but this time I decided to go for it, and I'm very glad I did!

God is doing some awesome things through this organization in Haiti. We trek through villages to minister to the people, we distribute rice and beans, we visit and do work in orphanages, we build rabbit cages for Hares for Haiti, which trains the people of Haiti to run their own rabbit farms. Village ministry is what grabs my heart the most. Just on this one trip, many people accepted Jesus into their hearts, including two members of our own team! We ended the week with four baptisms in the ocean. It was pretty incredible.

I am now patiently awaiting trip number six (possibly this January, but it might not be until next summer). Everyone that goes to Haiti, whether they go one time or come back again and again, has their own reasons for going. But I think it's safe to say that we go to Haiti to serve others and share the love of God, but we also go for ourselves. Because we love it. Because it makes us feel. It makes us humble. We go because human connection and fellowship is important. Because God is love and we love Him by loving others.

Please enjoy the love and beauty that I strived to capture on this amazing trip.



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